Enso Case-study

Enso running skirt

Enso Sport apparel brand has approached Yay!Starter in 2016 initially with a request to create its brand concept ahead of the launch. Our partnership grew quickly and as part of this work the positioning, big idea and concept that define the brand were delivered.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 16.30.17.png
Enso skirt is a confidence-boosting sport garment for women of all body types

Being confident when exercising helps achieve better results because you can focus
on performance and not worry about anything else. This skirt was created by women
and tested at running events all over the world by runners of different ability, age and

Enso – feel good about your running experience!

We continued our collaboration in 2017 when Yay!Starter has assisted Enso with a product launch for the Enso running skirt.

Enso wanted to make a splash in a very crowded and competitive market space of running sport apparel.

We achieved this goal through marketing planning tailored for a startup, influencer outreach, website optimization and social media advertising.

Influencer outreach: Yay!Starter identified top 20 female runners who were a great fit for the Enso philosophy and values. The outreach resulted in engagements with top 10 bloggers with a combined following of over 70,000 people across a variety of digital channels. The bloggers received the skirts for trial and published positive product reviews. The Enso brand also received multiple endorsements from the high profile runners that were published across Facebook and Instagram.

Welsh TV presenter and running enthusiast Lowri Morgan and British record-breaking long-distance runner Nicky Spinks were among those who spoke highly of the brand and also chose to wear Enso skirt for multiple competitions.

Checkout Enso here: www.enso.london